The top 5 social and cultural boundaries


Today there are many social and cultural boundaries that people face everywhere. Social boundaries are types of rules that are considered common because most of the people living in the society agree that they are the standards that people should follow. Social boundaries allow people to evaluate others quickly. We all tend to put people into different categories based on different criteria. We do that within just a few minutes after meeting someone. With social boundaries we are easily determining what is similar and what is different between us and the person opposite of us.

When it comes to top social and cultural boundaries, one of the biggest boundaries is that in some societies it is common to shake hands while in the others that activity is considered unacceptable. For example, people in Japan greet by nodding, which is quite different than in the Western world. By learning these social and cultural boundaries we can better understand different cultures and know what is accepted and what is not.

Second boundary that people face is that in some cultures standing too close to someone is considered very rude, while in others this is common. Some countries find it customary for two people to stay close to each other, while in other cultures it is common to have distances between people that are involved into a conversation. This is another example and this can be seen in many cultures across the world. For example, in the US if you stand too close to someone that is considered invasion of private space, but in Europe that is sign of friendship and affection. In the US dating apps have spurred to make sure that partners are mutual minded. One example is Meet N Fuck App which allows partners to communicate online first than meet in person. Social boundaries usually dictate different aspects of someone`s behavior. They can often direct how much someone shares about his personal feelings and points of view. Another example is how loud or how soft someone speaks. Also what someone wears when attending church or other religious places.

Regarding cultural boundaries, these are also known as ethnographic boundaries. They can be defined as lines that separate people based on their ethnicity, religion, or language. We can often see cultural boundaries preventing people from contacting each other even within one country. For example, in Canada the official language of the province of Quebec is French, while in other provinces is English. This is another top example of cultural boundary based on language. Another example is the Chinatown in San Francisco or in New York, where people of China group with each other and live in their own community within the city.

The mentioned were the top examples of social and cultural boundaries that are commonly seen everywhere. There are many more others as well. With the world development and the ways in which people think these boundaries are slowly starting to fade away, but fact is that there are still too many of them. By learning more about different cultures and keeping an open mind we can do our best to erase these boundaries that separate us from other people.

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