Examples of current social injustice across cultures

            We are witnesses of social injustice in many cultures across the world. It can be manifested in several different ways and it can affect a lot of people. Social injustice happens when unjust things are done to the people in society. Some people are not treated fairly, others are treated unequally. Some very common examples of social injustice that can be seen everywhere include ageism, discrimination and homophobia. Example of social injustice in the US is when African-Americans are not treated fairly and equally with Caucasians when it comes to traffic violations or when accessing public health institutions.

Sad fact is that in many countries around the world the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Those that have money can quickly access everything they need and can also receive top health care, while poor people usually struggle to get even the basic medical help. That is another type of social injustice commonly seen in many cultures today. Certain cutback programs also limit people from accessing things they need, so sometimes even countries are doing social injustice to their own people.

In many cultures today we can see many social injustice issues such as racial discrimination or discrimination based on gender, age or ethnicity. Unfair labor practices are another form of social injustice as well. The truth is that the entire society is affected when there is some form of social injustice present. For example, in Saudi Arabia women were not allowed to drive until recently, which is an extreme form of social injustice. In some of the Arabic countries today women are still treated unequally to men, so this social injustice is commonly visible there. On the other side, social apps like Kik Girls allow full privileges across the world to its app.

In Europe and in the US there is also injustice when it comes to accessing quality public schools. Once again, people that are rich can enroll at best schools and get the best education possible, while the poor have no other option but to go to those schools they can afford. Usually cheaper schools mean less quality, because most of the teachers are not paid that well. Truth is that accessing quality education largely depends on the socio-economic status of the person in question.

When it comes to homophobia, this is a type of social injustice seen almost everywhere in the world. Although some countries are more accepting than others and do their best to integrate people from LGBT community into the society, there are still places where homosexuals and people with different sexual orientation are treated unfairly. On many occasions they are denied working certain jobs or performing certain duties. Recently the US President Donald Trump banned transsexuals from serving in the military, which is another extreme form of social injustice.

As we can conclude, there are many forms of social injustice that happen everywhere in the world. Countries and individuals should do their best to educate themselves more and to stop doing injustice towards someone based on different criteria like socio-economic status, age, race or gender.

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